Through memoir, lecture, ritual and film The Mermaid on Stage calls on the archetype of the mermaid to explore liminal states of human consciousness, from falling in love to daydreaming. How can we use our experience of liminality to imagine and conjure the bright future we long to see in the world? The Mermaids have answers! 

Chicago Premier June, 2023


The Mermaid on Stage premiered with three sold out shows in Chicago in June 2023

Written and Performed by Moriah Martel 
Directed by Rosa Palmeri
Media Design by Isaiah Palmeri

“That show touched me more than any medium of art I’ve seen in a long, long time. Thank you for putting your being into such wonderful, sensational art. So inspiring. So daring!” 


“Thank you for sharing this art and specialness. I want to watch it again!”


“This piece is really special and really generous.”


“I loved your show. It was so beautiful. You have a fantastic way with words.”


“Thank you for such an awesome experience. I loved every second!”


“Such a special show!! Thank you!”