YA, 1st Person, F/F Dialog

Non-Fiction/Memoir, 1st Person

Romance, 1st Person, F/M Dialog

Paranormal Mystery, 3rd Person, F/M Dialog


Home Studio:
  AKG P220 Microphone 
Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
Rolls MP 13 Preamp
Able to deliver clean punch and roll

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  I am the oldest of seven voracious readers and the daughter of a librarian, so I’ve been in love with reading and sharing stories since I can remember. Growing up as a childhood performer I could often be found off stage with my nose in a book. How thrilled I would be to know I now work as a reader and actor - at the same time!

I love the challenge of many characters and genres, and find my self-assured yet youthful voice is especially suited to YA, fantasy-adventure, or children’s stories. My naturally intimate tone is also a great fit for memoir, supernatural and mystery.

When not narrating, I work as an actor, writer and producer in new work development for theater and film, run an community based arts organization, and  hang out with my bearded dragon Rodney Star. I am a graduate of the BFA acting program at CalArts with a self designed minor in film and have studied narration technique with Marc Cashman, Elise Arsenault and Hillary Huber.